TLB Games: Rob Kuntz's El Raja Key Archive Now Available!

The Collector's Trove is pleased to announce some great news:

An incredible opportunity has arisen for Dungeons & Dragons players, fans, and historians. Rob Kuntz is releasing an Archive of his collected roleplaying game maps and manuscripts through TLB Games. Here is the introduction to their store front which is now open:

TLB Games was founded in association with Three Line Studio ( to produce the El Raja Key Archive. The Archive contains a treasury of high resolution images of materials from the collection of game designer Rob Kuntz. Rob was there when Dungeons & Dragons was created and served for years as Gary Gygax's own Dungeon Master as well as his co-DM for the Original Greyhawk Campaign. Now you have the opportunity of a lifetime to peek behind the veil of history to play and discover what it was like in those early days of D&D through the artifacts of time.

Contained within the Archive are over 1,000 high resolution scans of adventures, maps and keys, campaign notes, character sheets, and manuscripts from the Original Greyhawk, Kalibruhn, and Blackmoor campaigns. That's right, from the very creation of Dungeons & Dragons!

Includes all maps & some keys for Rob's Castle El Raja Key, the dungeons where Gary Gygax cut his teeth as Mordenkainen; Rob's manuscript for his lost Dungeons & Dragons Supplement V: Kalibruhn; maps, keys, and notes for over 40 adventures from the Original Greyhawk and Kalibruhn Campaigns including, maps & some keys for 16 of Rob's Original Greyhawk Castle levels, the map for the first ever D&D demo, the Machine Level, at GenCon VII in 1974, and the map for the first ever D&D tournament, Sunken City, and notes, NPC cards, and adventure maps and keys for the Original City of Greyhawk!

The El Raja Key Archive is an interactive, searchable, fully indexed, virtual museum of roleplaying game artifacts from the dawn of the Dungeons & Dragons game! Along with the high resolution images of these treasures is extensive historical commentary that is fully linked to our searchable index. The El Raja Key Archive uses your internet browser interface to navigate just like surfing the 'net. It can be used on virtually any computer that has a internet browser and a DVD drive (or optionally, a USB port).

In addition to the El Raja Key Archive, TLB Games also publishes Three Little Books Adventures, a line of smaller than digest-sized, "little" adventure booklets that provide essential companion material for the complete, partial, and incomplete adventures found on the El Raja Key Archive. However, since the full-color and sometimes quite large maps are on the Archive, the modules themselves are more economical in size and cost.


The Collector's Trove Presents: Designer's Copy of Dungeon!

The Collector's Trove is proud to bring you David R. Megarry's own designer's copy of the Dungeon! boardgame still in its original shrinkwrap!

In addition to David's comp copies he received as the designer of Dungeon! he also purchased several lots of 50 sets at a time from TSR and either sold them to retailers or gave them away as gifts. He now only has a half-dozen or so left to give as gifts or to sell and this is one. 

As you know, David was a member of the Midwest Military Simulation Association (MMSA), a group of wargamers and friends based in St. Paul, MN, that included Dave Arneson, Mike Carr, Maj. David Wesley, and several others that would go on to design a number of popular wargames.

David took part in playing fantasy adventures in Dave Arneson’s original Blackmoor, a game that incorporated much of the Fantasy Supplement of Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren’s Chainmail Medieval miniature warfare game but innovated with concepts of roleplaying individual characters, experience gains, levels, and most importantly the fantasy dungeon adventure. David Megarry took these experiences and codified them in to a much more regular, but still dynamic, board game, Dungeon! in 1973.

Dungeon! is the fantastic board game that is an ancestor of Dungeons & Dragons and represents the roleplaying game in its purest form – the dungeon delve! Players take on the role of a Hero, Elf, Wizard, or Superhero and play their way across the dungeon-themed gameboard. In their explorations they fight monsters, avoid traps, and find fabulous treasures!

Gary Gygax was the biggest proponent of the game, playtesting, making modifications, creating variants, and shopping it around to various game publishers. At one point, Gary and David made an offering of the game, titled Dungeons of Pasha Cada, to Don Lowry of Guidon Games but it was ultimately decided that it would be too expensive to print the maps. Finally, the game was picked up by TSR who put it into production in 1975.

Since then, Dungeon! has been the most successful board game ever produced by TSR and is still being published to this day! It has gone through dozens of reprintings and new editions, has been translated into a computer game, and even had a line of miniatures marketed for use as pawns. In fact, in August 2012, the game’s current owner, Hasbro, put out a brand new edition of the game and in 2014 revised the game’s presentation to appeal to younger players in yet another release!

Quite the legacy indeed! Now you have a chance to be a curator of a portion of this legacy, care for it well and enjoy!

Item Starts Sunday, June 12th, 2016 at 7:25 p.m. CST/MEX

Item Ends Sunday, June 19th, 2016 at 7:25 p.m. CST/MEX

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The Collector's Trove Presents: Rare D&D Foreign Editions

The Collector's Trove is proud to bring you an amazing collection of rare, foreign editions of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game products!

The auction will present over 45 foreign editions of TSR's most popluar books, accesories, and modules including issues of the incredibly rare Japanese editions of Dragon and Dungeon magazines, Dungeons & Dragons Basic, Expert, Companion, and Master sets as well as adventure modules and accesories AC2 Combat Shield & Mini Adventure, AC4 Book of Marvelous Magic, AC7 Master Players Screen Japanese 1989, B1 In Search of Adventure Dutch 1988, B1 In Search of Adventure Dutch 1988, B2 Keep on the Borderlands, B4 The Lost City Dutch, B7 Rahasia, B9 Castle Caldwell, B9 Castle Caldwell, BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle, X1 Isle of Dread, and X4 Master of the Desert in Japanese, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Hebrew, and French.

These items were acquired by one of the world's top TSR foreign edition collectors and this is hopefully just the first of many auctions from his amazing collection. These sets are so hard to find and require so much time to track down that most regular collectors don't even hope to own any! But now is your chance! Never before has there been such a wide variety of TSR foreign editions offered in a single auction and this from the world's most successful RPG auction house in the world!

Now you have a chance to become curator of this amazing collection of TSR foreign editions of Dungeons & Dragons in eight different languages!

First Item Starts Sunday, June 12th, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. CST/MEX

First Item Ends Sunday, June 19th, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. CST/MEX

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The Collector's Trove Presents: The Jeff Leason Collection!

The Collector's Trove is proud to bring you the Jeff Leason collection!

The auction will present over 100 items including issues of the The Strategic Review, TSR lizardman belt buckle, TSR memorabilia, TSR catalogs, Gen Con, Origins, and DragonCon, handouts and flyers, comp copies, and proof copies. Highlights of the auction will include a large selection of autographed items by Gary Gygax, Jeff Leason, Dave Sutherland III, Dave Trampier, Jean Wells, Jim Ward, Mike Carr, Timothy Truman, and Boris Vallejo! Among the very special items are Jeff's very own employee copy of B3 Palace of the Silver Princess still in its original shrinkwrap, an incredibly rare, numbered, Collector's Edition of Ghost Tower of Inverness, Jeff's personal, Dungeons & Dragons woodgrain set and dice, an unpublished B3 Palace of the Silver Princess sequel-adventure ms. by Jean Wells, a Timothy Truman signed print, and a collection of original Dave Sutherland III sketches.

These items were acquired during the last 40 years of Jeff’s amateur and professional involvement with wargames, roleplaying games, strategy games, and board games, several years of that time spent as an employee of TSR, the company that founded the roleplaying game industry.

Jeff has written, designed, edited, developed, and playtested dozens and dozens of games and supplements. His very first project at TSR was to be on the DMG editing and development team - quite a tall order! According to Jeff, Gary's prose and use of language was challenging to he and his fellow proof readers, "...but we soon got accustomed to Gary’s liturgy of archaic ideophones and aphorisms. Working on the DMG was enriching to say the least!" Most notably Jeff was a co-designer on the legendary Lost Tamoachan collector's edition and the final published version, C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamachoan with Harold Johnson. Also, his character Phoebus, a fighter reincarnated into a lizard man, appears in the rogues Gallery and is probably the coolest character concept in the entire book!

After his time at TSR, Jeff went on to work at Mayfair games for several years, again, writing, designing, editing, developing, and playtesting dozens of products. Jeff was lead designer for the rewrite, editing, and expansion of the City State of the Invincible Overlord and contributed to a new edition of the Chill RPG as well as editing, developing, designing, and writing many of the new supplements.

Jeff’s involvement in the roleplaying game industry reaches back into the golden age of the industry. Quite the legacy indeed! Now you have a chance to become curator of a portion of this legacy!

First Item Starts Sunday, June 12th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. CST/MEX

First Item Ends Sunday, June 19th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. CST/MEX

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The Collector's Trove Presents: A New Private Collection

This new auction will feature an incredible collection of over 430 of the most sought after roleplaying and miniature wargame rule books, modules, boxed sets, miniatures, and accesories, many still in their original shrinkwrap.

The Collector's Trove has been authorized to auction these items from a private collection. These items were acquired by their owner in his 30+ years of amateur and professional involvement in war games, strategy games, collectable dice and card games, board games, and role-playing games. The owner is a local from the upper Midwest with years of involvement in local and national conventions such as Gen Con, Gary Con, and Origins. His countless hours as owner, partner, volunteer, organizer, event designer, and participant has established him as an industry insider.

Close involvement with Gen Con, Gary Con, Origins, and a number of other conventions over the years has given him access to game distributors, companies, designers, artists, employees, and executives alike. Over time he has been given numerous gifts and "payments" in the form of game products. Thus his collection has an amazing amount of store and company stock for companies such as TSR and WotC.

Many of these games and models come from the store stock of Royal Hobby in Rockford Illinois! Royal Hobby as you know was run and managed by Jeff Perren, Gary Gygax's good friend and co-designer on such TSR games such as Cavaliers and Roundheads and Chainmail, a game that contributed to the creation of Dungeons & Dragons! Royal Hobby is also the the place where Greg Bell has worked for the last several decades and now manages! Bell is the seminal TSR artist who did artwork for TSR's flagship publication, Cavaliers and Roundheads, as well as Dungeons & Dragons, Classic Warfare, The Dragon, Greyhawk, and Blackmoor to name a few. His iconic lizardman illustration even became the new colophon for TSR in 1975!

First Item Starts Sunday June 5th, at 4:00 p.m. CST/MEX

Last Item Ends Sunday June 12th, at 11:30 p.m. CST/MEX

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