Community Events

While the main mission of The Collector’s Trove is to provide an excellent outlet for game designers and artists to auction their collections, the company also strives to support the gaming and collecting community. In addition to donating time, services, knowledge, and financial aid to charity auctions, such as the Gygax Memorial Fund and other individual game designers and artists, The Collector’s Trove also supports the preservation and teaching of the history of the hobby.

As a part of this effort The Collector's Trove online auction house has sponsored a number of events at Lake Geneva Gaming Convention in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. While that convention ended with the passing of Gary Gygax, the informal gathering after Gary's memorial service by the attendees to play games in honor of Gary, has now become Gary Con. This convention has become one of the premier old school conventions, currently drawing nearly six hundred attendees to Lake Geneva. The ratio of game designers and artists to attendees is amazingly high and convention goers more often than not find themselves rubbing elbows, i.e., playing games, with their favorite TSR and game industry personalities.

The Collector's Trove has attended, sponsored and run events at every Gary Con since it's inception in 2008. This last Gary Con (2015), nearly 300 convention goers participated in the events promoted, sponsored, and run by The Collector's Trove.

Within this folder are photo albums of some of the terrific conventions attended by The Collector's Trove and the events that were sponsored, organized, conducted, and even played by us, our friends, associates, and, most importantly, the VIP games designers and artists. Click on the links below to be taken to the respective photo albums: