Dave L. Arneson


This auction ran September 16th-23rd, 2012

This auction included over 200 lots including some of the rarest and most sought after RPG and wargaming fanzines, newsletters, and magazines. Included will be numerous periodicals produced by the various companies, clubs, and organizations Dave worked with and designed for such as: TSR, International Federation of Wargamers, Castle & Crusade Society, Midwest Military Miniatures Association, Adventure Games, GDW, Different Worlds, and others. Highlights of the auction included inscribed copies, editorial and review copies, author's and comp copies, and personal reading copies! Among the very special items are issues of Little Wars, Dragon Magazine, The Space Gamer, and Different Worlds, as well as a number of magazines Dave used as exhibits in his various lawsuits against TSR, including early issues of White Dwarf, El Conquistador, Panzerfaust, The Courier, and The Great Plains Game Players Newsletter.

Featured items for the auction included the rarest, most sought after, and valuable newsletters: The Corner of the Table Top and the Domesday Book. The Corner of the Table Top is the self-published newsletters of Dave’s own campaigns, including the historic announcement of the exact date for his first “medevil BRAUNSTIEN” and Blackmoor campaign details. The Domesday Book is Gary Gygax’s self-published Medieval enthusiast newsletter which cultivated the development of Chainmail and ultimately the underpinnings of Dungeons & Dragons.


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