Legends of Wargaming

The Gary Gygax Memorial Convention

Gary Con V

Battle Report


Fantastic Gary Con, as always, thanks to Luke, Chris, Dale, Jeff and son Bryan especially, and Harold.

Special thanks to all of my Legends of Wargaming VIP referees: Tim Kask (Classic Warfare), John Bobek (Action on the High Seas, Little Wars), Bill Hoyer (Diplomacy, Sturmgeschutz & Sorcery), Jim Ward (Sturmgeschutz & Sorcery), Jon Pickens (Remagen Bridge), David Megarry (Dungeon!), Mike Reese (Tractics), Mike Carr (Fight in the Skies, Don't Give Up the Ship, Giant Le Mans), and Michael Mornard (Chainmail).

We had an amazing line up of games (20 in all!) and an amazing turn-out for players - nearly 300 convention participants played in Legends of Wargaming events!

Extra special thanks to Mike Reese (co-author of Tractics)! In the crush of new events for this year all of the infantry and much of the equipment for Tractics and Remagen Bridge still needed assembly. Mike sat down with modeling supplies and proceeded to put together dozens of tank, artillery, and infantry models. (If you can picture the characters from The Matrix using their superhuman movement speed to assemble plastic models then you have it.) He had a great time talking tanks and the old days with Ernie Gygax, Michael Mornard, Rob Kuntz, Bill Hoyer, and John Bobek. Great to see old friends get together.

The Jousting Tourney was better than ever with participants from 6 to 76 years old. Nearly one hundred knights participated with the Red Knight Champion being Harry Maltsby and the Black Knight Champion (only Gygax family, TSR folks, or Gary's gaming buddies from the 60s and 70s) was Mike Gygax (Heidi's son). The Gygax family turned out in raucous numbers as has become a tradition with them and the joust was on. Cheers for Sir Mike and Jeers for Prince Harry (Sir Harry didn't seem right to this herald) was the course of the match until Harry's supporters chimed in at the close match. A well ridden championship ended up with a close victory for Prince Harry and a very honorable Black Knight Sir Mike. In the end, all cheered as the trophy helm was passed from two former tourney champions, and Black Knights, Luke Gygax and Jon Pickens (TSR).

So without further ado here is the photo album of Legends of Wargaming events:


Viking Raid - Chainmail Man-to-man - Paul Stormberg

Battle for the Moathouse - Chainmail Fantasy - Paul Stormberg

Jousting Tourney - Chainmail Jousting - Paul Stormberg

Battle on the Ice - Chainmail Historical - Michael Mornard

Don't Give Up The Ship - Mike Carr

Dungeon! - Dave Megarry

Iron Bottom Sound - Action on the High Seas - John Bobek

Little Wars - John Bobek

Classic Warfare - Tim Kask

Remagen Bridgehead - Jon Pickens

Siege of Bodenburg - Siege of Bodenburg - Paul Stormberg

Guy Fullerton 8560218502_43a1e45c44_z

Sturmgeschutz & Sorcery - Sturmgeschutz & Sorcery - Jim Ward & Bill Hoyer

Tractics - Mike Reese

And last, but not least, some other events in the Legends of Wargaming ageis: - Rob Kuntz & Mike Carr