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The Collector's Trove Presents: The Jason B. McAllister Collection!

The Collector's Trove is proud to bring you he Jason B. McAllister Collection! These items were acquired during the last 40 years of Jason’s amateur and professional involvement with war games, role playing games, and board games. For several years of this time he was co-owner of Gorgonstar Publications, a company he co-founded with legendary TSR artist Dave Trampier, to publish their fantasy board war game, TITAN. 

Highlights of the auction will include designer and author's comp copies, signed items, playtest materials, tournament and convention materials, convention programs, original artwork, concept art, studies, production materials, art proofs, personal play copies, shrink wrapped copies, a company business card, company stamp, buttons, an incredibly rare newsletter, magazines, and games! Among the very special items are, Dragon Magazine #1, an unscored, unfolded TITAN masterboard, one of Jason's last uncirculated copies of TITAN, Battlelands, and Ant Wars! The featured items are several original sculptures, pieces of folk art, and paintings by the legendary fantasy game artist, Dave Trampier!

Accompanying this auction auction will be the collections of six other gaming legends and three private collections in one massive auction! Designers and industry insiders such as David Wesely, Jim Quinn, Jim Barber, Jeff Leason, and one of the original playtesters of Dungeons & Dragons, Tim Wilson! Over 200 items from TSR, Pacesetter, Mayfair, Ral Partha, GDW, SPI, Avalon Hill, and several other companies!

Highlights of the auction will include designer and author's comp copies, autographed and numbered copies, editorial copies, play test materials, personal play copies, rare misprints, business cards, buttons, company branded ephemera, GenCon and Origins programs, D&D tournament handouts, catalogs, magazines, posters, rare dice, role playing games, miniature games, war games, and board games!

Among the very special items are an Origins I program owned by Dave Arneson from 1975, a TSR telephone directory from 1981, an authentic TSR employee worn belt buckle, a signed numbered copy of Darlene's Jasmine card game, and a much sought after TSR Hobbies Sutherland red dragon button!

The featured items are, two rare tournament handouts from GenCon East and South from 1981-2, a TSR version of the Wee Warriors 1st print Palace of the Vampire Queen,a WinterCon V Lost Caverns of Tsojconth from 1976, an incredibly rare (and incredibly nice condition) copy of Tracy and Laura Hickman's Daystar West printing of Pharaoh from 1979, the personal playing dice of one of the original Blackmoor players used in the early 1970s, and a woodgrain Dungeons & Dragons boxed set owned by an original D&D play tester and member of Gary Gygax's original Greyhawk campaign -- one of the first dozen players to play the game before it was even published!

Auctions Go Live Sunday, May 12th, 2019 Starting at 7:30 pm CST/MEX

Auctions End Sunday, May 19th, 2019 Starting at 7:30 pm CST/MEX

Here is the link to place your bids: 


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