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Allen Hammack Auctions Ending Tonight!

The Collector's Trove is proud to bring you the next set of auctions from the Allen Hammack collection! These items were acquired during the last 45 years of Allen's amateur and professional involvement with wargames, roleplaying games, strategy games, and board games. Allen worked for seven years as an employee of TSR, the company that founded the roleplaying game industry.

The auction will present over 40 items including tournament modules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, TSR employee memorabilia, editorial and development manuscripts, and author comp copies. Highlights of the auction will include a pair of rare TSR buttons, a rare issue of TSR's employee newsletter, Random Events, TSR business cards, and Gen Con memorabilia! Among the very special items are a development manuscript for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons I9 Day of Al'Akbar, original tournament module and character sheets from Origins 1980, Dwellers of the Forbidden City, Allen's original Inverness home-campaign, several home-campaign dungeons, including, Gormenghast, one of the greatest mega-dungeons you will ever see, and Allen's own unpublished Ghost Tower of Inverness mega-dungeon from 1976! 

Auction Ends Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at 9:30 p.m. CST/MEX

Here is the link to place your bids:

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