Gary Con Jousting Tournament:

Chainmail Jousting Rules

Step up to the list and see how you fare in the second annual, Gary Con jousting tournament! A dedicated gaming table will be set up with beautiful Schleich figures and self guided instructions to play. Face off with one of your friends or make a new one and challenge him to a tilt! Ultimately, one lucky Con attendee will face off against the best of the Black Knight’s (IFW, LGTSA, Castle & Crusade Society members, ex-TSR employees, original Greyhawk Campaign players, and Gygax family members).

In the inaugural year of this event (2011) there were nearly one hundred participants in the tournament. The final joust pitted con attendee and Red Knight, Sir Dave Jepson against Sir Jon Pickens, a long-time TSR employee and reputed Black Knight! The final tilt was intense with both knights feeling the heat of competition in a close match. In the end the victor and Tournament Champion was Sir Jon!

Our 2011 Tourney Champion and reputed Black Knight, Jon Pickens former TSR employee.

Gary Con 2012

This year there were again nearly 100 particpants in the joust. Here are some highlights from the Gary Con 2012 Legends of Wargaming Jousting Tournament:

The first knights step up to the lists! Notice the coconuts (new this year) for the appropriate clippity-cloppity sounds as the knights spur their destriers to the clash of arms.

The knights are heavily involved choosing their aiming point and defensive position.

More knights filter into this kiosk or self-serve event. No experience needed!

A lady of the realm tries on the trophy helm.

A group of young lords and ladies of the realm joust in earnest.

Hey look! There are nearly ten iPod generation kids playing a 41 year old game and having the time of their lives! Thanks again Gary for moments like this.

The young lords and ladies contest the lists with great intensity!

If looks could knock the opponent off of their horse! (I think she wants that trophy helm!)

Master-at-arms Kevin Maurice (center) guides another set of knights through an entertaining joust.

Luke Gygax looks on as the Red and Green Knights have at eachother!

Onlookers excitedly wait the results of the latest tilt!

A crowd gathers and, along with Allen Hammack (blue shirt), a former TSR employee, as they watch Heidi Gygax joust her own flesh and blood - her son Mike!

Sir Mike appears unconcerned at the possibility of his Mother knocking him on his backside!

This year's Black Knight is Luke Gygax, facing the White Knight, Sir Alex Clark, son of Chris Clark of Eldritch Enterprises, Inner City Games, and Hekaforge fame.

The contestants reveal their aiming points and defensive positions!

Sir Alex is poised with coconuts at the ready as Sir Luke weighs his options!

Sir Luke appears to know something that Sir Alex does not...

The final joust reveals: Sir Luke prevails, defeating Sir Alex, a skilled opponent who bested many knights to make his way to the Championship Joust! Nice job Sir Alex!

(Photo courtesy of John Abbot,

The Gary Con 2012 Legends of Wargaming Jousting Tournament Champion, Sir Luke Gygax! Congratulations Sir Luke!

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