The Collector's Trove: Arneson Auction Ending!

The Collector's Trove: Arneson Auction Ending!

Hello All,

The first round of auctions for the David L. Arneson collection are ending Sunday night, May 13th beginning at 7:30 PM CST.

Here is the link to get to them: 

The Collector's Trove eBay Auctions

Futures Bright,

Paul J. Stormberg


David L. Arneson Auction Has Begun!

The Collector's Trove is pleased to announce that the auction for the first round of items in the David L. Arneson Collection are currently up and running. Click on the link below to see how they are doing or better yet bid on them yourself!  The auctions will last for one week, ending next Sunday (13th) evening after 7:30 pm.


The Collector's Trove eBay Auctions


Good luck bidding!




The Big Announcement!

Hello Everyone,


Exciting news at The Collector’s Trove! We have recently contracted to auction the David L. Arneson collection. The new owner of the collection has authorized The Collector’s Trove to begin auctioning items from the legendary game designer’s collection spanning over 50 years of amateur and professional involvement in war games, strategy games, card games, board games, and role-playing games.

The Collector’s Trove contacted Dave Arneson for the first time in 2005. At that time the possibility of auctioning off his collection was discussed. The conversation continued off and on over over the next several years, the last time about 3 weeks before Arneson’s death in 2009. He informed The Collector’s Trove that the management of the collection would now be in the hands of his heirs and that he would pass along our services to them. Unfortunately, there was no word from Dave’s heirs in over two years.

Then, in an unforeseen turn of events, the management of the collection apparently became too much for Dave’s heirs to handle and they abandoned it in a storage locker. While the owner of the storage facility made numerous attempts to contact the heirs, they did not respond and left the fate of the collection in the hands of others. Like an episode of Storage Wars or Auction Hunters, the owner of the storage facility followed the business’ standard protocol of auctioning the lockers contents. A local auction company won the bidding for the locker and took possession of the collection. Again, however the enormity and eclectic nature of the collection proved to be too much to manage, certainly beyond the scope of the company’s operations. They ultimately contacted Michael Cox, long time owner and operator of the The Dragon’s Trove an online gaming store with a long history of selling collectable RPGs.

Michael then contacted The Collector’s Trove, the premier online auction house that specializes in handling the collections of RPG games designers and artists, and the two agreed to team up to rescue the collection. After, three hours in an unheated garage, on a cold Minnesota afternoon, the collection was evaluated by The Collector’s Trove and a buy-out offer was tendered and accepted. A few days later The Collector’s Trove returned with an empty cargo van. All 114 boxes and various loose items were loaded into the van with nary space for the driver and passenger to move. As darkness fell the pick-up team climbed into the van for a long drive.

The team drove through the night arriving at home base the next morning. Later that day the unloading and processing began.

The collection comprises some 10,000 items ranging from Dave’s 1959 game of Risk to game designs he was working on up until his death in 2009. Dave was a creative genius and designer, devising game after game, poring over military history books, maps, and documents, refining and tinkering his designs way beyond the ken of even the most meticulous game designer.

Now, The Collector’s Trove, in cooperation with Michael Cox of the The Dragon’s Trove, will seek to preserve the intellectual property of the collection while trying to carry out Dave’s wishes to have a portion of its value go to his heirs. Through a combined effort of scanning, documentation, and auctions it is hoped that we may achieve both goals. In the process Dave’s fans and collectors alike will have the opportunity to support this effort and have a chance to own a piece of gaming history. Likewise, the gaming community may yet get a chance to see Dave’s unpublished game designs come to fruition.

If you wish to keep apprised of this and the many other exciting, once in a lifetime auctions at The Collector’s Trove use the 'eMail Notifications' link in the right column under 'My Services' or click here for Email Notification. Those who do so will receive a special preview list of each upcoming auction and exclusive preview pictures of items in each collection.

Otherwise, standard updates of web site news may be received by clicking on the 'RSS Subscription' link in the right column under 'My Services' or by simply checking back in on the website as often as you like.

The first Ebay auction will be launched next Sunday evening, May 6th and will include nearly 200 items including several rare wargames, Call of Cthulhu, Empire of the Petal Throne, Blackmoor, Dungeons & Dragons, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Highlights of the auction will include inscribed and autographed copies, editorial and review copies, author's and comp copies, Dave Arneson library copies, and personal play copies! Among many special items are a series of Empire of the Petal Throne books and journals autographed by the late M.A.R. Barker.


Futures Bright,


Paul Stormberg

The Collector’s Trove


Michael Cox

The Dragon’s Trove



The Collector’s Trove has added a new section to it's Web Site!

While the main mission of The Collector’s Trove is to provide an excellent outlet for game designers and artists to auction their collections, the company also strives to support the gaming and collecting community. In addition to donating time, services, knowledge, and financial aid to charity auctions, such as the Gygax Memorial Fund and other individual game designers and artists, The Collector’s Trove also supports the preservation and teaching of the history of the hobby.

As a part of this effort The Collector's Trove online auction house has sponsored a number of events at Lake Geneva Gaming Convention in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. While that convention ended with the passing of Gary Gygax. The informal gathering after Gary's memorial service by the attendees, to play games in honor of Gary, has now become Gary Con. This convention has now become one of the premier old school conventions, currently drawing five hundred attendees to Lake Geneva. The ratio of game designers and artists to attendees is amazingly high and convention goers more often than not find themselves rubbing elbows, i.e., playing games, with their favorite TSR and game industry personalities.

The Collector's Trove has attended, sponsored and run events at every Gary Con since it's inception in 2008. This last Gary Con (2012), nearly 200 convention goers participated in the events promoted, sponsored, and run by our online auction house.

To view write-ups and photos of these events click on the Events page under the Community Support section to the left or click on this link: Events. Drop in for a look and thanks for your continued support!


New Set of Ebay Auctions

Collector's Trove Auction 66: Over 100 Items!

Howdy All,

I have a large auction I started Sunday night with many rares. These items are from my own collection and not any RPG designer or artist. Check it out at:
The Collector's Trove eBay Auctions

Here is a listing of the items up for auction:

TSR D&D 3E Player’s Handbook Gen Con 1st
TSR D&D 3E Dungeon Master’s Guide 1st
TSR D&D 3E Monster Manual 1st Print
TSR D&D 3E Character Sheets
TSR D&D 3E Greyhawk Window Sticker
TSR D&D 3E Greyhawk Gazetteer RPGA Only
TSR D&D 3E Greyhawk Gazetteer
TSR D&D 3E Free Game Caves of Shadows
TSR D&D 3E Return to Temple of Elemental Evil
TSR D&D 3E The Fright at Tristor RPGA Only
TSR AD&D 2E SJR6 SpellJammer Greyspace
TSR AD&D 2E Doomgrinder
TSR AD&D 2E The Star Cairns
TSR AD&D 2E Crypt of Lyzandred
TSR AD&D 2E Greyhawk Player’s Guide
TSR AD&D 2E Greyhawk Slavers
TSR AD&D 2E Greyhawk Adventure Begins
TSR AD&D 2E Greyhawk Keeping Balance T-shirt
TSR AD&D 2E Fast Play Game
TSR AD&D 2E Fast Play Eye of the Wyvern
TSR AD&D 2E Fast Play Crypt of the Smoke Dragon
TSR AD&D 2E Fast Play Wrath of the Minotaur
Goodman Haunted Lighthouse Autographed Arneson
Goodman DCC1 Idylls of the Rat King 1st Print
Goodman DCC2 Lost Vault Tsathzar Rho 1st Print
Goodman DCC3 Mysterious Tower 1st Print
Goodman DCC4 Bloody Jack’s Gold 1st Print
Goodman DCC5 Aerie of the Crow God 1st Print
Goodman DCC6 Temple of the Dragon Cult 1st
Goodman DCC7 Secret of Smuggler’s Cove 1st
Goodman DCC8 Mysteries of the Drow 1st Print
Goodman DCC9 Dungeon Geomorphs 1st Print
Goodman DCC10 Sunless Garden 1st Print
Goodman DCC11 Dragon Fiend Pack 1st Print
Goodman DCC12 Blackguard’s Revenge 1st Print
Goodman DCC12.5 Iron Crypts of the Heretics AD&D 1st Ed.
Goodman DCC13 Crypt of the Devil Lich 1st
Goodman DCC Punjar the Tarnished Jewel
TSR AD&D 2E Player’s Handbook
TSR AD&D 2E Monstrous Manual
TSR AD&D 2E Dungeon Master’s Guide
TSR AD&D 2E Player’s Option: Skills & Powers
TSR AD&D 2E Player’s Option: Spells & Magic
TSR AD&D 2E Complete Book of Elves
TSR AD&D 2E Strongholds 3-D Building Boxed Set
TSR AD&D 2E Silver Anniv. Against the Giants
TSR AD&D 2E Country Sites
TSR AD&D 2E Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga
TSR AD&D 2E Darkness Gathering
TSR AD&D 2E Masters of Eternal Night
TSR AD&D 2E Gates of Firestorm Peak
TSR AD&D 2E Hero’s Tale
TSR AD&D 2E Kidnapped
TSR AD&D 2E Labyrinth of Madness
TSR AD&D 2E Moonlight Madness
TSR AD&D 2E Paladin in Hell
TSR AD&D 2E Silver Anniversary Ravenloft
TSR AD&D 2E Silver Key
TSR AD&D 2E Star of Kholhapur RPGA Only
TSR AD&D 2E Temple, Tower, & Tomb
TSR AD&D 2E TSR Jam 2000
TSR AD&D 2E Wand of Archeal RPGA Only
Kenzer Knights of the Dinner Table #147
Hekforge LA Lejend Masters Screen
Argonaut Game Studios Shades of Heroes
Flying Buffalo Tunnels & Trolls 5th Ed. 1979
T&T Flying Buffalo S10 Sorcerer Solitare '79
T&T Flying Buffalo S11 Sword for Hire '79
GDW Dangerous Jouneys Necroplolis by Gygax
TLG Castle Zagyg Upper Works Boxed Set
TLG Castle Zagyg East Mark Gazetteer SHRINK!
TLG Castle Zagyg Yggsburgh Campaign Vol. 1
TSR Minigame Revolt on Antares
TSR Gamma World GWAC2 Player Character Sheets
TSR Gamma World GW2 Famine in Fargo
TSR AD&D D1 Descent into the Depths of the Earth
TSR AD&D D2 Shrine of the Kuo Toa
TSR AD&D D3 Vault of the Drow
TSR AD&D G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief Australian
TSR AD&D G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
TSR AD&D G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
TSR AD&D G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King
TSR AD&D I3 Pharaoh
TSR AD&D I4 Lost Tomb of Martek
TSR AD&D L1 Secret of Bone Hill
TSR AD&D L2 Assassin’s Knot
TSR AD&D OA1 Swords of the Daimyo
TSR AD&D REF2 Player Character Record Sheets
Rob Kuntz Greyhawk Maze of Zayene 1-4
Rob Kuntz Greyhawk Garden of the Plantmaster
TSR Dungeons & Dragons Colorforms
TSR AD&D Monster Manual Rub-Down Transfers
TSR AD&D Fiend Foliio Rub-Down Transfers
Paramount Disney Dragonslayer Movie Sticker 1981
TSR Dungeon! Hobby Shop Booklet March 1981
TSR D&D RPGA Club Fliers & Gift Catalog 1982
TSR Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set 1978 SHRINK!
TSR Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set 1983
TSR D&D Player Character Record Sheets 1981
TSR D&D AC4 The Book of Marvelous Magic 1984
TSR D&D AC11 Book of Wondrous Inventions 1987
Combined Lot Wargaming Rules
Inner City Games My First Miniatures Game ‘02
Palo Alto to Peking by K. Wilson Brasington 1987
Mitre Mustache & Musket by Ben King 1977
Napoleonique Encore by Jim Getz 1992
Uncle Duke’s Napoleonette by Seifried 2005
Wilderness Wars by Harris & Bock 2004
Age of Battles Napoleonic Wars
A Thousand Years of Medival Warfare 2nd 1983
Constantinople to Vienna 3rd 1983
Warfare Through the Ages 1983
Warfare in the Ancient World 2nd 1983
Wargamer’s Newsletter #198 ept 1978
TSR Gen Con Pencil 1993
TSR World of Greyhawk Olidammara Dice
Flying Buffalo Vintage Die Grimtooth for One
Chessex (?) Pair of Vintage Alignment Dice
TSR 9001 Polyhedral Dice Mint in Bag 1977
Winter Con V Lost Caverns of Tsojconth 1976
Guidon Games Chainmail Gygax 1st Print 1971
Great Plains Game Players D&D Articles 1974-5
International Wargamer v 4 n 9 Sept 1971
International Wargamer v 5 n 3 March 1972
Lowrys Hobbies Catalog 1972
Lowrys Guidon #2 Apr 1972 Zulu! Gygax/Perren
Lowrys Guidon #3 Jul 1972 Hardtack Add Lowry
Lowrys Guidon #4 Oct 1972 Hardtack Add Lowry
Lowrys Guidon #5 Jun 1973 Gygax on D&D
Lowrys Hobbies Discount Catalog 1973
TSR Jobbies Strategic Preview #5 1976 Rare!
TSR D&D Supplement I Greyhawk 2nd Print 1975
TSR D&D Supplement I Greyhawk 2nd Print 1975
TSR D&D Supplement II Blackmoor 1st Print ‘75
TSR Dungeons & Dragons Woodgrain 1st Print‘74

Futures Bright,