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Second Round of Christmas Items are on the Block!


The Collector's Trove is proud to bring you this year's amazing Christmas Auction! The auction will present the collections of fifteen of our gaming legends in one massive auction! Designers Jeff Leason, Robert J. Kuntz, Kevin Hendryx, Allen Hammack and artists Dave C. Sutherland III, Darlene, and Jim and Laura Roslof! Over 300 items, many in their original shrinkwrap from TSR, Pacesetter, Mayfair, Ral Partha, and dozens of other companies!

Highlights of the auction will include designer and author's and designer comp copies, autographed and numbered copies, playtest materials, tournament modules and character sheets, original manuscripts, original artwork, concept sketches, studies, production materials, printer's proofs, personal play copies, business cards, company letterhead, buttons, name tags and company branded ephemera, incredibly rare catalogs, magazines, and games! Among the very special items are original artwork from Robin Raab, Jim Roslof, and Tom Wham! The featured items are a working TSR office telephone and directory, Zeb Cook's Origins '80 tournament module, Dwellers of the Forbidden City, Frank Mentzer's Investigation of Hydell tournament module from GenCon East 1982, and the incredibly rare 1978 WinterCon VII tournament DM copy of Quest for the Fazzlewood!

1st Round of Auctions Go Live Sunday, December 9th, 2018 Starting at 6:00 pm CST/MEX

2nd Round of Auctions Go Live Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 Starting at 6:00 pm CST/MEX

All Rounds of Auctions End Sunday, December 16th, 2018 Starting at 6:00 pm CST/MEX

Here is the link to place your bids: 


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